Contenders is the best combat promotion in the area, with the highest production value possible and an opportunity for competitors to showcase their talents on a world stage Contenders offers the whole package.

Contenders has a suite of brands that can offer competitors a real journey.

10 shows per year, Run monthly in Elite Gym Norwich facility, with a matted area, 24ft cage and a boxing ring these events run multiple combat bouts at the same time. This has a great atmosphere and is aimed at newer fighters looking to move on from sparring within their own club to gain experience of fighting other people in a controlled environment. Grappling, MMA, Contenders Kick Boxing, and Boxing are all covered. Winners are awarded points through the year and then there is a winner of the league presentation.

See the Contenders Facebook page for dates.

3-4 shows per year, this is a Friday night show held the night before the main card. Road to Contenders houses competitions in MMA, Contenders Kickboxing, Boxing and Caged grappling. This is the highest level before the main show where all of the elements of fighting on a large production streamed worldwide.

The main show, offers a world wide stage to perform and put their skills to the test. With fighters from all over the globe coming for a piece of Contenders gold.

Contenders also offers a range of combat sports on all of its promotions to allow fighters to demonstrate and compete in Contenders Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing.

Details are to be announced on Contenders Florida, work is ongoing with the Florida Commission to create the best show in Florida, dates are set for April 2020 and beyond. Contenders Florida is a platform for the best of the UK and European fight teams to showcase their skills and abilities in front of the target audience, the matching although state controlled offers greater opportunities for the teams Contenders work with on the other Contenders platforms.

Contenders is all about the journey, from making sure the fighters are treated right, matched properly and appreciated for their time. Using the very best in audio and visual systems within the television studios Contenders is broadcast from the studios to a stream around the world in the highest quality.

Steve is the head match maker for the shows, he is renound as among the best in industry, for any opportunities to get matched on any of the platforms email

Epic Studios

Contenders Ltd,
112 - 114 Magdalen Street,

07983 334 603