MMA is an integral part of life for the competitors and fans, an income source for the fighters and officials and the business interest of Contenders. Maintaining a safe environment for all stakeholders is key to the ongoing success of Contenders as brand.

it is crucial for a robust Covid-19 testing plan to be initiated. The Contenders program will encompass direct viral detection. The Clean Zone (no-spectators) for the Contenders events also greatly mitigate widespread transmission to others, Shows and Events during the pandemic will have a Clean Zone that only tested and cleared personnel can enter. Any audience members will be away from the Clean Zone and will follow Government guidance on social distancing and mitigation.

As importantly, all persons involved in a Contenders event, regardless of their function, will need to go through a testing and quarantine program if they are to enter the Clean Zone, the protocols outlined below will significantly mitigate the chance of Covid-19 infection during a Contenders Event

All personnel working the event within the Clean Zone, to include, but not limited to, fighters, corners, managers, promoters, promoters staff, production staff, security, cleaning staff and all officials, will be mandated to quarantine immediately after their COVID-19 tests. Upon receiving their results, they must stay quarantined (no contact with the public) until the conclusion of the event.

Clean Zone

In order to minimize the chance of transmission, a Clean Zone around the cage will be in place an no untested persons are to enter the area.

Events conducted by Contenders during the pandemic will be outdoor events with a segregated crowd confined to the cars or car parking bays, dependant on UK guidance at that time. Fighters, Corners and coaches etc. are to maintain social distancing protocols and wear face masks provided by Contenders for the duration of the event.

Entering Clean zone

Temperature monitoring Questionnaire Oral fluid collection for PCR testing Quarantine until testing results are confirmed Cleaning of Clean zone

Cleaning and Hygiene

Cleaning staff will be deployed between each bout for corner rooms, warm up areas and Cage surfaces. No sharing of gloves or contact with any bare surfaces of the body is allowed.


Prior to anyone entering the Clean zone, information must be provided on the importance of safety measures to mitigate spread of virus infection. During the conduct meeting all Clean zone members will be briefed on the specific requirements entering the zone. There will also be a message from a Director of Contenders to demonstrate leadership of event and controls.


COVID-19 Testing: All personnel working the event within the Clean zone must be tested. Personnel will receive a PCR test. It is mandatory that any individual that enters the Clean zone is tested. Anyone who enters the Clean zone will need to be screened and remain quarantined until given approval to move into the area.

There is one established method to detect Covid-19. The PCR method, which measures the virus in the individual. It is necessary to conduct this test on all individuals entering the Clean zone. The PCR method will be beneficial in detecting recent infections, even if no symptoms were identified.

All individuals entering Clean zone will have their temperature checked as an additional precaution.

Oral fluid samples shall be collected from a licensed medical practitioner. Only approved oral fluid kits shall be used. If no oral fluid kits are available, it is acceptable to use approved nasal swabs, however, the first choice should always be saliva for ease of collection and sensitivity of the assay.

After collection, the sample shall be transported to a laboratory to run an approved PCR assay for Covid-19.

Before Arriving

All individuals preparing to enter the closed system shall submit answers to the following questions below.

  • Have you had a fever in the last 72 hours that was at or above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • Have you come into contact with someone with Covid-19? If so, when?
  • In the past 2-weeks, have you travelled to or from an area that is considered high risk, and/or been under a government-mandated quarantine period?
  • In the past 72 hours, have you experienced any of the following symptoms? – Shortness of Breath – Difficulty Breathing – Cough – Fever – Headache – Chills – Sore Throat – Loss of Taste or Smell – Muscle Pain – Nasal Congestion – Runny Nose – Diarrhea

All questionnaires will need to be reviewed

If an individual is suspected to have a current Covid-19 infection through the questionnaire, or revealed through the testing program, the individual will remain in quarantine and will not be permitted to attend the event.

Social Distancing Guidelines: All personnel will follow the UK Social distancing Guidelines including the wearing of a mask at all times. Gloves are optional but recommended.

Positive Test: All personnel that test positive will be required to seek immediate medical assistance with the NHS, self-quarantine as per UK guidance and shall not be allowed to travel by air until cleared. They will not be permitted to fight or enter the Clean zone.

Solo car travel is permitted by the individual testing positive so they can return to their home town to receive assistance but under no circumstance may the positive personnel be allowed to travel by air until they have tested negative for the PCR test. Although No overseas fighters will be allowed to the event during the pandemic.

Should the person fail to comply with this directive, he or she shall not be permitted to compete with Contenders at any future events.

Risk assessment

Covid 19 Risk assessments within the Event Risk assessments will be submitted to the venue and local authorities ahead of any event to give them the opportunity to object and request further control measures.

Fans in attendance

Contenders will run events with fans in attendance, this model is based on a Drive-in set up, all personnel are expected to travel to and from the event and share vehicles during the event in line with UK guidance. Fans are to remain within the parking space allocated, Food and drinks can be pre ordered and will be delivered to the vehicle upon entry to the event. Contact points will be limited and all waste generated is to be taken away with the vehicle.

Toilet facilities are available at the Drive-in events but are only to be used one in one out in accordance with the venue rules, stewards will be in place to support and ensure compliance.

Security will remove any persons from the site and event if they do not adhere to the Contenders Covid Policies and procedures and the UK guidance on Covid-19 Control.

 The Health, Safety and Welfare of all the people involved in the Contenders events is our overriding priority.

We trust you will have a very enjoyable experience and journey with Contenders and thanks for joining us in creating these events during this worldwide pandemic.


N Aspden
Director Contenders Limited